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Best speakers and moderators for the world

The ever-growing ecological, social and economic challenges have brought to the surface a deeper, more fundamental problem.

Our current systems and institutions are dated and no longer function as they should. A transition to the next stage in our civilization is inevitable and irreversible.

Speakers for Good is a unique, purpose driven speakers agency. Together with the best speakers and moderators for the world, we create measurable impact at every event, with vital ideas and solutions for the world of tomorrow.

Best speakers and moderators for the world

Three themes and a dozen inevitable transitions.

The transition to the next phase of our civilization requires collective actions aimed at changing the structure of our society, as well as our behavior and limiting beliefs.

Speakers for Good is changing narratives about the responsibility and role of government, business and finance in our society using three themes and a dozen inevitable transitions.

Habitable Planet

How can we live and work within the borders of our planet? How do we create a world with balanced economic systems that both reflect human and planetary needs?

By intertwining our desires and interests, we can focus on the well-being of all people and the livability of our natural world.

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Resilient Society

Increasing migration and declining prosperity seem inevitable due to ecological and economic developments.

How can we, as a society, best anticipate the unleashed future and major issues of migration and poverty? If inequality is an ideological choice, then we can change it.

Resilience and compassion are the keys to the challenging future, with a crucial role for education, care and businesses.

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Business Net Positive

Within our companies lies the innovative power and sufficient capital to transform our world into the next phase of our civilization.

How do we mobilize all stakeholders and assets to transform our businesses from Net Zero to Net Positive?

Only then will performance and results improve, in all aspects, for Everyone, Always, Everywhere.

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12 Inevitable transitions

If we want to keep the world somewhat livable and humane for ourselves and future generations, some transitions of systems and sectors are inevitable.

How can we – by trial and error – let go of the old and familiar, and embrace the new unknown?

Together on an expedition to the emerging and unleashed future.

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  • Habitable Planet

  • Resilient Society

  • Business Net Positive

  • 12 Inevitable transitions

Daphne Laan, een spreker van Speakers for Good, in een zaal.
Our clients - Doing Good

Our clients and best friends for life include:

  • Together with ASML, Speakers for Good is helping humanity move forward by thinking and talking about exponential technologies for tomorrow’s world. Technology not as a goal to make more money, but as a strong driver to create true  progress. For everyone. Everywhere. Always.

  • DSM is a global purpose-driven company, specializing in nutrition, health and sustainable living based on science. Together with DSM, Speakers for Good is working to make life better for everyone.

  • We are proud to have had the opportunity to provide sessions for the European Central Bank on several occasions in recent years. For various target groups, both internal and external. About the future of stable, sustainable banks and financing. On the regenerative economy and the increase of poverty through inflation.

  • Together with EY, we are focused on “Building a Better Working World,”. Successful transformation starts with looking closely at the immens challenges of our world. Together with EY, we ensure that transitions succeed by putting the planet and people first, promoting scalable innovations and inevitable transitions.

  • Google’s mission is to organize all the world’s information and make it universally accessible and usable by anything and everybody. For Speakers for Good, this is an invaluable resource to help us by creating the vital ideas and solutions for the world of tomorrow.

  • MIT’s mission is to advance knowledge and educate students. Especially in the fields of science, technology and other areas of scholarship. Together with MIT, Speakers for Good creates the new leaders and transformers we so desperately need in the 21st century.

  • PWC provides professional services that contribute to solving the world’s great challenges. Like Speakers for Good, PWC is a purpose-driven organization working every day to create a better world. This makes us partners and friends for life.

  • Several speakers and moderators have spoken at TEDx events in recent years, both at home and abroad. So for Ideas Worth Spreading, too, you’ve come to the right place at Speakers for Good.

  • Tesla is accelerating the global transition to sustainable energy, with electric cars, solar panels and integrated sustainable energy solutions for businesses and citizens. Together with Tesla, Speakers for Good is working to build a better, more sustainable world and we find each other again and again in our mutual vision and the transition of energy and mobility.

  • Together with Unilever, we are contributing to a better world. Producing within the limits of the planet and contributing to the well-being of humanity. In recent years, we have had the pleasure of gracing various sessions at and for Unilever with the best speakers and stories with impact.

  • Speakers for Good has had the opportunity to provide speakers and moderators to the World Economic Forum in Davos on multiple occasions. We are proud to support such a friend for life.

    World Economic Forum
  • Together with our partner and friend for life World Wildlife Fund, we protect nature and, with it, our future. This is how we find vital solutions to conservation challenges such as deforestation, overfishing, water scarcity and climate change.

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