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Your event is very important; also to us!

Your event is as important to you as it is to us. The same goes for our speakers and moderators.

We guarantee you a unique experience with great impact. That is what we are all about. Making an impact by stimulating and inspiring people and organizations to make a difference. Over and over again. So that the world becomes a little better, step by step.

That is why your event is so important. For you. For your guests. And for us.


Online and hybrid events

Organizing an online and/or hybrid event? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place!

First of all, we have several studios and even a small theater at our own location.

Secondly, we work with professional partners to facilitate online events elsewhere on location.

In short, Speakers for Good is also your partner for creating online impact.

Taking photos and videos

Of course it is allowed to take photos and videos of our speakers and moderators, but these may only be placed in the public domain after explicit approval by Speakers for Good.

Usually this permission is granted quickly, provided that the image and sound quality are of a high quality and the speakers or moderator do not object.

Copy of presentation

One thing is certain, our speakers and moderators are the best in the world and most of them are happy to share their content with your guests.

Please do inquire about the possibilities and conditions in advance.

Some speakers and moderators also offer other content, including their books and other publications, such as videos and podcasts.

What are the rates?

Speaker rates vary widely and depend in part on their background, reputation and impact.

Speakers for Good represents speakers and moderators in a range from € 0 to more than € 25.000.

The rate is almost always determined in consultation with our client.

We strive for flexibility in a creative way, so that an appropriate offer is almost always made.

After all, for most of our speakers and chairmen it’s about the impact and not about their own financial gain.

Move or cancel event

Every engagement of Speakers for Good is executed on the basis of our General Terms and Conditions.

In general, if an event cannot take place due to governmental (Corona) restrictions, the assignment can always be rescheduled, free of charge, at a later date.

Furthermore, Speakers for Good applies the following cancellation conditions:

  • 100% for a cancellation within 2 months before the event;
  • 75% when cancelling within 3 months before the event;
  • 50% if the cancellation is made after 3 months before the event.

Founder Speakers for Good

Speakers for Good was founded in 2020 by philosopher, Global Speaker and best-selling author Ruud Veltenaar.

Ruud is primarily active at Speakers for Good as a speaker and moderator.

In addition, Ruud has an active role in the recruitment of international top speakers and moderators.

Ruud is in any way not involved in the daily operations and does not interfere with the advice and engagement of fellow speakers and moderators.

Terminology and foundations

Foundations of our purpose

Speakers for Good, of course, does not hold the wisdom. We like facts and have based our purpose and vision on various sources listed below [A-Z].

In addition, you will also find an explanation of some of the terminologies used on our website.


By Changemakers, we mean all the speakers, moderators and other talents who have committed themselves to our agency and want to collaborate with Speakers for Good to contribute to a more sustainable world and just society. We do this in trust and interdependence.

The goal is always to inspire people and organizations to actively contribute to creating the world that almost everyone desires.

Good Life Goals

Globally, more and more people are becoming more familiar with the 17 SDGs.

But how many of us really know what we can do to actually achieve them?

The Good Life Goals help millions of people and businesses worldwide realize the SDGs. They provide more than 80 ways and pragmatic actions that everyone can contribute to a more sustainable world and inclusive society.

The Good Life Goals were created through a collaboration between Futerra, the Program “10 YFP Sustainable Lifestyles and Education” and by the UN Environment, UNESCO and WBCSD.

IPCC - Climate Reports

The IPPC Report is published regularly by the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change and describes the future risks and impact of climate change on our prosperity and well-being.

The most recent version of the Climate Report is from APRIL 2022 and is extremely alarming: “Nature can no longer keep up with the changing climate, and the impact is even greater than we could ever imagine”.

Net Positive

Net Positive is based on the ideas of Paul Polman and Andrew Winston and is also the title of the book published in 2022.

The question is no longer whether companies should become more sustainable, but how and when they will do so.

Business can no longer look away or continue to put the responsibility on the government.

The business community must also take matters into its own hands and start thinking and acting more from the profound purpose, rather than from short-term goals.

OXFAM - Inequality Reports

Ever-increasing inequality is a cruel killer, leading to the death of a human being every four seconds. Inequality makes our world less safe for all of us.

Inequality is not an accident, but an ideology and choice.

For a more equal future, we must fight inequality together. Governments, corporations and societies; in radical interdependence, with great efforts and effective actions.


The SDGs are the 17 goals of the United Nations goals to make the world a better, more sustainable and inclusive place.

In fact, they are a global compass for humanity and starting point for every organization in the 21st century.

Realization of the 17 SDGs is not only up to governments. Business and society also have a crucial responsibility and role.

They are also directly related to the Good Life Goals (see above).

Planetary boundaries

The Planetary Boundaries of the Stockholm Resilience Centre define for humanity the safe margins for their way of life based on the intrinsic biophysical processes that regulate the stability of the Earth system.

Crossing one or more planetary boundaries can be harmful or even catastrophic, as it causes exponential and abrupt changes in the environment on a continental or planetary scale.

There are nine planetary boundaries, three of which have already been significantly exceeded.

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