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Saskia van den Muijsenberg

Certified Biomimicry Professional
Biomimicry, Circular Economy, Regenerative Business
Saskia brings 3.8 billion years of R&D to catalyze innovation and create conditions conducive to life.
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Saskia van den Muijsenberg

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Saskia van den Muijsenberg shows how biomimicry can contribute to solving issues in organizations and society

Biomimicry NL describes biomimicry as ‘imitating life’. Using nature as inspiration to solve problems in our human societies. Does that still sound a bit abstract? It doesn’t have to be according to biomimicry expert Saskia van den Muijsenberg. She explains in a practical way how biomimicry can help people and organizations face complex challenges. Because, “we are nature, and once you start seeing this, you start seeing connections all around you.”

Take care of the place that takes care of you“, that’s really the essence. The reason biomimicry stayed on her mind when Saskia was introduced to it in 2009:

We as humans want to take care of our children and grandchildren. But we can’t physically do that for our descendants seven generations from now. What we can do is create an environment that takes care of them.

That realization touched her, as it did the many people she inspires with biomimicry. Audiences are sometimes moved to tears. So Saskia strives for a better, more beautiful, fairer and healthier world, and if you ask her, biomimicry plays a key role in her mission.

According to Saskia, the philosophy of biomimicry can be applied in all facets of our personal lives, but also in all areas within various organizations. It can provide new perspective and guidance for engineers and architects, economists, policy makers, educators and entrepreneurs, for example.

Saskia van den Muijsenberg therefore appeals to a broad audience with her lectures and workshops, which are interesting for anyone who wants practical tools and answers to the question: “How can I start making changes tomorrow in order to do better?”

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Daphne Laan

Innovative leader & Bridge builder
Feminine leadership, Entrepreneurship
Daphne stirs up the fire of change in CEOs, founders and leaders of the future.
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Daphne Laan

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Daphne Laan is a bridge builder and expert in the field of feminine leadership

During her trip around the world, Daphne read the book ‘The Google Story’, and one sentence in particular stuck in her mind: “To make the unthinkable possible”. After some time had passed, she ended up having a cup of coffee at Google Netherlands, which marks a new beginning in her career.

What drives Daphne Laan to encourage transformation in people and (corporate) organisations? The essence of it all lies in her family history. She tells this story for the first time during the Peace Event Building Bridges, which she organises and hosts. A bridge builder, that is exactly how she describes herself. She makes the connection between practice and science, male and female values, head and heart, old and new. For years, Daphne advised boards on digital transformation, so stakeholder management is nothing new for her.

If you want people to support your vision, to achieve a cultural change, then you have to look at what lies under the carpet, not just at the tangible things on the table. Knowing what goes on between the lines, is crucial.

With her lectures, she wants to inspire CEOs, founders and shareholders, but also light the fire of change in people who – like her – work for large corporates and recognise themselves in her story. People who want to move forward, but are stuck. She demonstrates to the young generation of future leaders that feminine leadership and intuition are very valuable.

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Niek van den Adel

Mr Featherforce
Resilience, Agility, Adaptability
The resilient speaker of the moment and takes people back to the essence of a happy life.
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Niek van den Adel

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Niek is ‘Mr. Featherforce’, because resilience is his middle name.

If you ask Niek, we as a society are a collective burnout in the making. Climate change and high work pressure, these are the big issues of our time. How do we deal with them? How do we change and adapt? Last but not least; how do we become and stay happy? One word: Resilience.

If there is one person whose resilience has been put to the test, it is Niek van den Adel. His statements are anything but empty words, as he experienced firsthand that through resilience you can find a good portion of happiness, even in the deepest of valleys.

At age twenty-eight, he ended up in a wheelchair after a fatal incident. Although he could never have imagined this shortly after the accident, he works hard to see this event as a gift.

“Happiness is not in your legs but between your ears.”

Niek van den Adel is the resilience speaker of the moment. Book him for your event. Curious about Niek’s complete story? View his profile.

Maarten Steinbuch

Scientist & Entrepreneur
Technology, Robotics, Mobility
Maarten makes complex issues like robotization and AI tangible and accessible.
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Maarten Steinbuch

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As a TU/e professor and socially-minded HighTech entrepreneur, Maarten Steinbuch makes complex issues such as robotization and artificial intelligence tangible and accessible

Maarten is known for his pioneering work in new automotive engineering, mechatronics, motion control and robotics. He is the co-founder of three companies focused on precision surgery, using high-precision robots.

Speaker, scientist, professor and world champion soccer-playing robots; Maarten Steinbuch simply cannot be pigeonholed. A brief summary of his career: he studied Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft, where he later obtained his PhD in Measurement and Control Technology. He worked for 12 years as a mechanical engineer (Philips) and at the age of 39 started working as a professor at TU Eindhoven.

Maarten takes his audience on a journey to the future and tells them about the speed of technological developments and their impact on our lives. When he speaks people are on the edge of their seat; young, old, scientist, director or engineer. And if not him, his faithful companion will make sure of that; a small, robotic dinosaur that even impressed the Dalai Lama in 2018.

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Marga Hoek

Entrepreneur & Author