Business Net Positive6

Our economic system and thinking is in need of revitalization.


How do we create a regenerative economy that works for everyone?


One for All, rather than all for one.

Vital solutions for tomorrow’s world.

The world need more courageous leaders and innovative entrepreneurs. Brave people who are willing to transform their organizations into a lever and instrument for a better world.

Together with all stakeholders on an expedition to Net Positive businesses. Organizations that distinguishes themselves by making money from solving problems rather than amplifying them. By giving more than taking. That is the guiding principle of Net Positive.


Best speakers and moderators for the world

Speakers for Good offers the best speakers and moderators for a regenerative economy and Net Positive businesses.

With vital ideas and solutions for:

  1. inspiring leadership and innovative entrepreneurship
  2. transition to Net Positive and better results
  3. unleash the soul in the organization
  4. culture as a binding agent for loyalty among all stakeholders
  5. how to become a B Corp and champion for the world


Customization and impact

Customization is the standard at Speakers for Good, as is the guarantee of a unique experience with impact.

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