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Speakers for Good is a purpose driven speakers agency on a clear mission

Best speakers and moderators for the world

The ever-growing ecological, social and economic challenges have brought to the surface a deeper, more fundamental problem.

Our current systems and institutions are dated and no longer function as they should. A transition to the next stage in our civilization is inevitable and irreversible.

Speakers for Good is a unique, purpose driven speakers agency. Together with the best speakers and moderators for the world, we create measurable impact at every event, with vital ideas and solutions for the world of tomorrow.

01. Unique proposition

Unique inspiration for your event.



Act Now. From Moment to Movement.

Shared vision and direction is not enough. Transition requires effective action and leadership we have rarely seen.

Our speakers, moderators and other changemakers provide clarity about the future and concrete hope for a better world.

Our vital ideas and solutions contribute to the necessary and irreversible transitions of our key institutions, systems and sectors.

At the core, it’s all about a fundamental change in behavior: a different way of thinking, living and working. It’s about producing differently and consuming less.

Expedition to Net Positive

We live in an extraordinary era, with a prime opportunity to reshape the world and future. We have an opportunity to transform to economies that are regenerative and to make our businesses Net Positive.

Speakers for Good takes courageous people and organizations on an expedition to Net Positive; an unconditional appeal to the head and the heart.

And the good news is: it works!

By giving more than taking, organizations become Net Positive.

Tens of thousands of companies and institutions have seen their performance and results improve this way: ecologically, socially, as well as financially.

By working together on our biggest challenges ever, with brave and compassionate leadership, we become Net Positive and create true progress.

We can live within planetary boundaries without leaving anyone behind.

Always. Everywhere. For everyone. In all aspects.

Only in radical interdependency can we end the destruction of our environment and the draconic inequality in our society.


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17 Sustainable Development Goals for one purpose

At Speakers for Good, we believe it’s better to be the best for the world than of the world. That’s why we work with the action-based Good Life Goals. These are derived directly from the 17 SDGs. Together, they are the compass for humanity and the starting point for every organization in the 21st century.

02. Your best option

Why choose

Speakers for Good?

Your event is very important, also to us

We can create real impact together that lasts and inspires people to make a difference, an example for others. It’s bitterly necessary and especially, incredibly fun.

Best speakers and moderators for the world

Speakers for Good works exclusively with the best speakers and moderators for the world. They not only address the problems, but also contribute vital ideas and solutions.

They all have unique stories that deeply touch and inspire people. Meaningful stories, based on facts, interpreted from the head and heart.

Remedy for the delusion of the day

Speakers for Good focuses on what happens daily. Not on the weather, but on climate change. Not on wage growth, but on inequality, poverty and the inevitable redistribution.

We offer a deeper understanding of how our crazy world and troubled society works. We contribute with vital ideas and solutions for the world of today and tomorrow.

Independent but not impartial

Speakers for Good is completely independent, but certainly not impartial. Our speakers and moderators act on behalf of one planet and all that lives on it, including 8 billion people.

We challenge stereotypes, prejudice and fear-mongering. We debunk the myths  which people might still believe in.

Transparency and continuous self-improvement

We do not have all the answers, nor do we offer a solution to all the problems in the world.

We are constantly improving ourselves and invite others to help us do so.

We continue to learn together, about ourselves and about the world around us.

Personalization is our standard

We work with the best speakers, moderators and partners for the world. Physically or digitally, on stage or in the studio, we create the most personalized impact.

  • Your event is very important, also to us

  • Best speakers and moderators for the world

  • Remedy for the delusion of the day

  • Independent but not impartial

  • Transparency and continuous self-improvement

  • Personalization is our standard

03. The team

The team: we are connecting the dots.

Emiel Vergnes

Chief of Agents
Emiel Vergnes is our Chief of Agents and he connects all the dots in a creative and effective way. He is our primus inter pares and a super talent as a connector of people and resources. Due to his international experience as an agent, Emiel knows how to empathically close fair deals all over the world. He loves working with energetic people who like to contribute to a better world. Contact Emiel now and find out how we will create for you and your guests an inspiring event and unforgettable experience.
Iris Nagtegaal - Over ons

Iris Nagtegaal

Sales Agent
Iris is a Sales Agent at Speakers for Good, making her the optimal connector of clients with the best speakers and moderators for the world. She contributes, supports and reflects. The bar is always high with Iris as she is proactive and result-oriented. With Iris you will always find the best solution for your event and for the world.

Jeannette Zeevat

Chief Inspiration
Jeannette connects all the bright and friendly minds in our agency and guards the balance between 'Doing Good' and 'Doing Well'. It feels good and comfortable in her mother's womb.

Ruud Veltenaar

Global Speaker & Founder
Ruud Veltenaar is a Global Speaker, bestselling author and inspirer of transformation. As a philosopher, he is a renowned future thinker and scientivist. Ruud founded Speakers for Good in 2020 and within the agency he is exclusively concerned with the mission and recruitment of international speakers and other changemakers.
04. Our clients

Among others, we have great collaborations and partnerships with...

  • Speakers for Good works almost monthly for one of the many thousands of B Corps around the world. Together with B Lab and the certified B Corps, Speakers for Good is working to transition our economy towards a system, for the benefit of all people, communities and the planet. We call that Net Positive. Business as a Force for Good.

    B Corp
    B Corp
  • Together with our partner and friend for life Change Inc. we are working hard to accelerate the sustainable transition to a better world. Businesses are making the future better, and Change Inc and Speakers for Good are happy to partner on this. Together we show how the future is already taking shape today and look for innovative connections and make real impact. If you love change, now is your time to join us too.

    Change Inc
    Change Inc
  • Global Witness is our partner and friend for life and together we strive for a more sustainable, just and equal planet and society. We both want our ecosystems to thrive, fossil fuels to stay in the ground, and companies to prioritize the interests of the people and planet. In this way, we serve all stakeholders and ultimately shareholders. In the short and long term.

    Global Witness
    Global Witness
  • Together with our partner Stop Ecocide, lawyers, diplomats and millions of concerned citizens, Speakers for Good is working to make ecocide an international crime. Based on the principle, “First do no Harm,” we provide protection against ecocide and are the bridge to a livable world for all life on Mother Earth.

    Stop Ecocide
    Stop Ecocide
  • Together with our partner and friend for life World Wildlife Fund, we protect nature and, with it, our future. This is how we find vital solutions to conservation challenges such as deforestation, overfishing, water scarcity and climate change.


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