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Expedition for Good

Coincidence does not exist and this vlog had to be made. A special meeting between two soulmates at Speakers for Good.

Vlog of Jelle Derckx: on the road with Ruud Veltenaar

On the road to the world of tomorrow. Beautiful reflections of a special meeting between two soulmates at Speakers for Good. A few years ago, Ruud Veltenaar was brought to the attention and recommended to Jelle Derckx, and right after that Jelle immediately read the book Ruud had written together with Leen Zevenbergen. This book had made such a good impression on Jelle that he invited Ruud, founder of Speakers for Good, to his podcast ‘het groene hart’.

During the podcast, the two immediately clicked. Jelle came up with the idea to join Ruud Veltenaar on the road for a few days, to see him speak and who knows, maybe even learn something from him. Jelle suggested to create an inspiring vlog during it and Ruud cheerfully agreed. The result of the vlog can be found below.

Because Jelle had an immediate click with Ruud and he totally agreed with the ideas and purpose of Speakers for Good, he joined the speakers agency for one planet and everything that lives on it. Helping the world go one step forward together and inspiring people and organizations to contribute to the world that almost everyone desires.

Curious about Jelle’s vision on minimalism? Take a look at growthinkers, the website and blog of Jelle Derckx and his life partner Claire Wouters.

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