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01. About Ruud

Global Speaker
Best-selling Author
Progressor and Scientivist

With an impressive track record as an impact investor and entrepreneur

Ruud focuses especially on vital ideas and solutions for the 21st century; an inspirer of transformation. He is among the most popular and highly rated speakers in the market.

Ruud has 25 years of experience leading companies on almost all continents, for varied audiences. He distinguishes himself as a philosopher, future thinker and cross-thinker, as opposed to traditional trend watchers and futurologists. Ruud offers clarity and true hope for a more sustainable world and resilient society. 

He is critical and challenges information that he receives and only wants to share facts and insights that people and organizations should know. How can we create real progress and a world that almost everyone desires?

Ruud addresses the solutions by using ‘inspirements’: lectures, keynotes and workshops. With his modus operandi, he achieves heartwarming personal feedback and triggers impact.

In 2017, the renowned Nyenrode Business University appointed Ruud as a faculty member of the Strategic Leadership Program.

The best-seller and nominated management book of the year in 2021 ‘Once Upon A Future’, was written by Ruud Veltenaar and reached #1; a manifesto for the 21st century.

Ruud is an inspiring speaker and moderator with true impact, who can help you and your organization.

Ruud focuses especially on vital ideas and solutions for the 21st century; an inspirer of transformation. He is among the most popular and highly rated speakers in the market. Ruud has 25 years of experience leading companies on almost all continents, for varied audiences. He distinguishes himself as a philosopher, future thinker and cross-thinker, as opposed to traditional trend watchers and futurologists. Ruud offers clarity and View more…

02. Purpose

Creating a better world, by giving more than taking. This increases impact and improves results: anytime, anywhere, for everyone.

"When was the last time you did something for the first time? And what would you do if you weren't afraid?"

Ruud Veltenaar

We live in exciting times with great challenges. It is time for transition and real progress.

The ecological, social and economic problems are increasing. Existing systems and institutions no longer function as they were designed to do. Governments, businesses and societies are at a historic turning point. There has never been a better time to reshape our future.

How do we shift from goals and success to purpose and impact? Real progress is achieved by living within the planetary boundaries, without leaving anyone behind.

The 17 SDGs form one purpose, creating value in radical dependence, coexistent and codependent: ecological, social and financial.

How do we become Net Positive together? Can we improve our performance and results by solving the world’s problems instead of increasing them?

The answer is unequivocal: Yes!

Thousands of courageous organizations and millions of brave people are doing it everyday; not just because it’s terribly necessary, but because it’s incredibly fun.

Making a difference. Doing it. Setting an example. Inspiring others to lead.

Join the expedition and explore your future

How do we reconnect with nature, each other and our profound purpose?

What will the transition for your specific sector or organization look like and how can we contribute to a better world?

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03. USPs

Why choose Ruud as a speaker for your event?

1. Your event is very important to Ruud

Each event, participant and organization gives Ruud the opportunity to take the world a step forward. He does his utmost every time, to exceed expectations; before, during and after an event.

2. Unique combination of experience

Ruud is a born storyteller, knows how to touch people and get them to act. His inspirements, vision and ideas are based on solid research, extensively tested and proven in Ruud’s own practice. Proven as an entrepreneur, impact investor and former leader of multinationals and medium-sized companies.

3. Customization is the standard

Ruud does not believe in standard keynote presentations. Each keynote and workshop is very specifically customized. The theme, topics, interactive formats and desired impact are always thoroughly discussed with the client prior to the event.

Ruud aims to engage in all intake interviews and briefings. His story connects seamlessly with the rest of the program and the background of the participants.

He actively contributes to the promotion and aftercare of each event on request. With this customer-oriented approach, Ruud always exceeds the expectations of his clients and audience.

4. Mega interaction and major impact

Each of Ruud’s inspirements is filled with interaction. Ruud is at his best when he has to improvise; the more critical the question, the better.

If time allows, Ruud also uses his proven interactive concepts, such as stemBUZZ and mentiQUIZZ, to create a fun atmosphere.

Ruud is an experienced moderator, interviewer and empathic listener, who makes others sparkle.

5. Unique handbook for all participants

After each event, participants are given the opportunity to download a unique handbook, containing dozens of resources. The handbook is a lasting source of inspiration for participants.

The highly recommended book ‘Once Upon A Future’, written by Ruud, is a best-seller and offers mega inspiration. A physical copy of the book for all participants can be added to the proposal, including a personal note on the first page.

  • 1. Your event is very important to Ruud

  • 2. Unique combination of experience

  • 3. Customization is the standard

  • 4. Mega interaction and major impact

  • 5. Unique handbook for all participants

04. For Good Interview

Five questions for:
Ruud Veltenaar

Ruud - Interview foto

For Good: what does that mean to you?

“That’s an easy question to answer. For Good means always trying to be valuable to as many people as possible. Not being the best of the world, but the best for the world.

Common interest above personal gain is only possible if your goals are subordinate to the profound purpose. Non-negotiable values are key: doing Good, even when no one is watching.

To fulfill your purpose, you have to develop your individual potential to its fullest extent and unleash your passion to be of value to others. Dying happy with a smile, knowing that one life was more than enough to matter.”

Walk the Talk: what is your added value?

“My work and personal life are intertwined. As a speaker, writer and lecturer, I inspire organizations and people to make a difference; to create true progress for everyone. I live, think and work from this belief.

Each month I donate 10% of my net sales to grass-root organizations, initiatives and microcredits to entrepreneurial people in underdeveloped countries.

I live consciously to avoid negative impact on the planet and society, by driving an electric car and eating seasonal vegetables and fruits.”

Who is your greatest role model or inspiration?

“There are many, for example fellow philosopher Paul de Blot. He was still lecturing at Nyenrode in his nineties, until his death in 2019. He exuded passion until his last breath and was always of value to others. An example for many, far beyond his death.

Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986) inspires me daily in the art of letting go. “If I am called a guru and get followers, I will stop my work. This is because I will no longer be understood,” was one of his playful statements.”

What makes you typically Ruud?

“According to my dear wife Jeannette, I am quite persuasive and enthusiastic. That can be interpreted by others as arrogance or self-conceit. I am down-to-earth, transparent and allergic to injustice.

As a Buddhist, I am generous, forgiving and compassionate, and I like to help other people. More of a thinker than a doer. More of a storyteller than a speaker. I love my children dearly, because they do everything differently than I do.”

What can audiences expect from you?

An honest and complete story, with an unconditional appeal to reason and feeling. To critically consider our crazy world and life and ask yourself if it should and can be better.

I will surprise, amaze and sometimes even confuse my participants, by challenging their conceptions and making them rethink.

I will inspire and stimulate the participants and organizations to contribute to a better world. I will give concrete examples on how you can make a difference and be an example.

Audiences can expect tons of inspiration, crackling energy and lots of fun; a unique experience.”

  • For Good: what does that mean to you?

  • Walk the Talk: what is your added value?

  • Who is your greatest role model or inspiration?

  • What makes you typically Ruud?

  • What can audiences expect from you?

05. Keynotes

Themes and topics

Ruud writes and speaks on various topics, where vital ideas and solutions for the world of tomorrow are the guiding principles.

How can the efforts of people and organizations contribute to a more sustainable living environment and resilient society? How do we ensure more impact and progression? And how do we mobilize people and organizations to transform awareness and desire into connection and execution?

Top 3 keynotes in 2022

Ruud provides clarity about the future and hope for a better world. The common theme in all his work is the inevitable and irreversible transition to the next phase of our civilization.

Below are the most booked inspirements in 2022.

1. Once Upon a Future – expedition through 21st century

Based on Ruud’s bestseller and nominated Management Book of the Year. What are the key drivers behind the inevitable transformation? How do we together create the world that almost everyone desires? And what is the impact on our lives and work?

2. Company of the future is Net Positive

What is the hidden secret behind companies that are Net Positive? Why are their performance and results better than those of their competitors? In all aspects: financial, social and environmental? For all stakeholders. Always and everywhere.

3. Vital ideas and solutions for the world of tomorrow

The choice is ours and we can no longer look away. What are the vital solutions for tomorrow’s world?

Ruud brings the big story back to the human level and offers  concrete guidance and best practices how to get moving yourself. Both as an organization and at home at the breakfast table.

Encouraging insights and hopeful perspectives on more than ten inevitable transitions.

NEW, from september 2022

Black Swans: the Great Redistribution in the 21st Century

Climate change and global warming affects everyone. In addition to the enormous ecological challenge, an immeasurable social task awaits us: migration of more than one billion climate refugees.

How do we embrace the chaos and make our businesses and society more resilient and above all more compassionate?

What does the inevitable redistribution mean for systems, our institutions and our own business?

The current absence of compassionate leadership and contextual entrepreneurship only highlights how indispensable and powerful they are in times of ecological crisis and social turmoil.

Futurama 2100: transition of 10 vital sectors and institutes

We are at a turning point in our history and it feels like we are in a permanent crisis. A new era is upon us and everything that was taken for granted is now under discussion.

How do you survive the next crisis as a company or institution? What are our greatest challenges and what solutions and transitions shape Futurama 2100: “Utopia for Realists?

Ten confrontational, fascinating and above all guiding stories and best practices about the transition of: care and well-being, education, energy, mobility, agriculture and food, environment, democracy, capital, and above all our economy.

Trends, technology & innovation

What are the most significant exponential technologies and how can we use them to drive the transition to a better world?

Technology ‘As a Force for Good’.

Artificial intelligence, deep machine learning, robotics, internet of everything, the metaverse, nanomaterials, energy storage, big data, life science…

More Human is Great

Sure, smarter is good, faster is good, but More Human is Great!

What are the opportunities and threats of the ten most exponential technologies on your organization and life?

Leadership and entrepreneurship

During chaos and uncertainty, the need for leadership is greatest.

The 21st century demands connective, agile, authentic, transformative and above all inspirational leadership.

The new generation of leaders have the strength, courage and ability to reshape and rebuild systems.  A now rare synthesis of masculine and feminine leadership and entrepreneurship.

Connecting with Self and Purpose

Leadership and transformation is only possible from the connection.  And only when you are connected to yourself can you connect to others. With all stakeholders and from the profound purpose.

Always customized and interactive formats

Each of Ruud Veltenaar’s inspirements is 100% made-to-measure and is thoroughly discussed with the client.

In practice this means a seamless connection to the rest of the program and the background of the participants. Ruud will almost always translate this to relevant sectors or the context of the organization he is speaking for.

Impact guaranteed and a big chance that your expectations will be exceeded.

  • Top 3 keynotes in 2022

  • Futurama 2100: transition of 10 vital sectors and institutes

  • Trends, technology & innovation

  • Leadership and entrepreneurship

  • Always customized and interactive formats

06. Media
  • ABN AMRO TT 2019 - SfG Profile | Ruud-Veltenaar-800x800
    ABN AMRO Tennis Tournament Rotterdam
  • World Forum The Hague 2018 | Ruud Veltenaar
    World Forum The Hague
  • TEDx Alkmaar
  • Future of Education Summit in Utrecht
  • Microsoft Conference in Redmond (USA)
  • When was the last time you did something for the first time?
07. Clients

A selection of companies that Ruud already had impactful collaborations with….

  • Together with the Amsterdam UMC, Speakers for Good works on sustainable care, focusing on people, resources and social support. At the Amsterdam UMC, Speakers for Good talks about how we can better limit the growth of healthcare and answers where healthcare gains can still be made and in which parts of healthcare quality and accessibility must be reinforced.

    Amsterdam UMC
    Amsterdam UMC
  • DSM is a global purpose-driven company, specializing in nutrition, health and sustainable living based on science. Together with DSM, Speakers for Good is working to make life better for everyone.

  • Together with APG, Speakers for Good is working to create an inclusive world of investors. How do we transform money into a force for change? Can we make money work for everyone instead of us all working for money? Our speakers and moderators have delivered fascinating sessions for APG and other leading institutional investors around the world.

  • Together with ASML, Speakers for Good is helping humanity move forward by thinking and talking about exponential technologies for tomorrow’s world. Technology not as a goal to make more money, but as a strong driver to create true  progress. For everyone. Everywhere. Always.

  • We are proud to have had the opportunity to provide sessions for the European Central Bank on several occasions in recent years. For various target groups, both internal and external. About the future of stable, sustainable banks and financing. On the regenerative economy and the increase of poverty through inflation.

  • Together with EY, we are focused on “Building a Better Working World,”. Successful transformation starts with looking closely at the immens challenges of our world. Together with EY, we ensure that transitions succeed by putting the planet and people first, promoting scalable innovations and inevitable transitions.

  • Philips.
  • Sweco.
  • Google’s mission is to organize all the world’s information and make it universally accessible and usable by anything and everybody. For Speakers for Good, this is an invaluable resource to help us by creating the vital ideas and solutions for the world of tomorrow.

  • Vodafone.
  • It goes without saying that MVO Nederland is a customer of Speakers for Good. Together we serve the leaders among the sustainable entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. How do you become future-proof and Net Positive as a company? Together we work on a generative and inclusive economy that, within the boundaries of our planet, serves society (instead of the other way around).

    MVO Nederland
  • Together with our partner and friend for life World Wildlife Fund, we protect nature and, with it, our future. This is how we find vital solutions to conservation challenges such as deforestation, overfishing, water scarcity and climate change.

  • Together with our partner and friend for life Nyenrode Business University, we contribute to the added value for people, organizations and our planet. Together we provide real connections in life, a place where worlds come together and work to create the leaders of today and tomorrow.

    Nyenrode University
  • For and together with the SER, our speakers and moderators have provided sessions for the government and private sector on vital socio-economic ideas and solutions for the 21st century.

  • Speakers for Good has had the opportunity to provide speakers and moderators to the World Economic Forum in Davos on multiple occasions. We are proud to support such a friend for life.

    World Economic Forum
  • TEDx.
    Marga Tedx
  • Tesla is accelerating the global transition to sustainable energy, with electric cars, solar panels and integrated sustainable energy solutions for businesses and citizens. Together with Tesla, Speakers for Good is working to build a better, more sustainable world and we find each other again and again in our mutual vision and the transition of energy and mobility.

  • Unilever
  • Triodos Bank.
    Triodos Bank

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