Habitable Planet9

We’re not going to meet the 1.5C goal of Paris.


But thankfully, the next goal is still achievable!

Vital solutions for tomorrow’s world

To preserve a livable planet, we need a system that is balanced and takes into account both human and planetary needs.

Therefore, governments, businesses and societies need to work better together, and each has its own responsibilities and role within this.

How do we create together, in radical interdependence, the world we all long for?


Best speakers and moderators for the world

Speakers for Good offers the best speakers and moderators for a livable world with vital ideas and solutions for:

  1. Climate change and our planetary boundaries
  2. Restoration of nature and biodiversity
  3. Sustainable living environments and regenerative economies
  4. SDGs: seventeen goals for one purpose


Customization and impact

Customization is the standard at Speakers for Good, as is the guarantee of a unique experience with impact.

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