Chief Impact Officer

B Amsterdam | Full-time [40 hours] | Master’s degree (HBO/WO)

Closing date: open

Best Chief for the world


After its media launch in August 2022, Speakers for Good is ready for the next step in its evolution. This one is primarily focused on creating even more impact so that people and organizations make a tangible contribution to a world that almost everyone desires. A more sustainable world, just society and resilient society.

As primus inter pares, you will take our agency to the next level. Both qualitatively and quantitatively. So that together we can make even more impact and make the world a little better, more beautiful and more fun.

It’s a great and exciting challenge for a confident leader with a backpack full of (online) marketing experience and an entrepreneurial spirit. Who understands how to connect people to achieve the best results. And who, as an example, inspires other people to make a difference. For all stakeholders. And for themselves, of course.

Speakers for Good is an international boutique speakers agency, for 1 planet and everything that lives on it.

We are located in the most creative hub in the capital: B Amsterdam. With various facilities for relaxation, both during and after work.

01. What impact will you make?


impact will

you make?

Contributing to a better world


You will share your experience, expertise and enthusiasm with a small team that consists of sales agents and marketers.

Through our best speakers and moderators for the world, you ensure positive impact at relevant events and meetings in and outside the Netherlands. This is how we get and keep people and organizations moving and create real progress. In all aspects. Everywhere and for everyone.

We help each other by bringing out the best in ourselves and achieve optimal results for our speakers, clients and their guests. We pride ourselves on actively contributing to a better world and holding each other accountable for attitude, performance and results.

Your colleagues


Emiel Vergnes – Chief of Agents and best connector for the world

“It’s incredibly fun and exciting to connect important events with our best speakers for the world every day. I get very excited about that every time!”

Iris Nagtegaal – Sales Agent and stimulator of impact

Just recently joined the team and already captivated by the positive energy in the team and contacts with inspiring speakers and enthusiastic clients.

Alan Nha Le – Online Marketer and SEO/SEA ‘Master of the Universe’

“The collaboration between sales and marketing stimulates me every day to get the best out of myself. We really do contribute to a better world!”

02. What is expected of you?


is expected

of you?

One step forward everyday


The best Chief Impact Officer for the world can fully identify with the purpose and values of the agency and takes immeasurable pleasure in the collaboration and impact we create together.

You will have a unique opportunity to further develop our agency and put your whole heart and soul into it. You see the agency as a lever and instrument to help the world move forward. You will be a co-determiner, not only in terms of impact, but also in terms of our culture and how we work together. Who we want to be and what we want to do for others!

You lead the entire team and manage qualitative and quantitative output. You also like to roll up your own sleeves and help recruit speakers, moderators and clients.

Furthermore, you have a crucial role and task in devising and developing high-profile and effective (online) marketing campaigns and actions, which lead to the further development of the agency.

You also enjoy sparring with the founder and clearly indicate the framework that leads to the most inspiration and best results for everyone.

You also work intensively with speakers and other stakeholders when it comes to content that strengthens the agency’s specific, unique and distinctive proposition and brand.

Join us on an expedition to the unleashed future? Connect your future with Speakers for Good and make a difference. Every single day.

03. What's in it for you?


in it for


Share in the results

You share in the profits with us. On top of a fair, fixed salary.

Qualitative and quantitative goals are set annually and achievement leads to a maximum of three additional monthly salaries.

Personal development

In consultation with the founder, arrangements can be made for the next step in personal and professional development. Of course, based on your own ideas and relevance at work and of course within the possibilities of the agency.

Allowance for a home office

If necessary, you will receive a one-time allowance to set up a proper home office so you can also work from home in an ergonomically sound manner.

26 vacation days with additional options

With full-time employment, you will have 26 vacation days per year. There is also the possibility of purchasing additional days.

A MacBook and iPhone

We will provide you with a MacBook and an iPhone. These can also be used privately.

They must be returned when you leave employment.

VanMoof from the company

We’ll give you the choice of an annual public transport pass or a VanMoof bike on loan. Very practical and healthy if you live within cycling distance.

Commuting kilometers are not reimbursed. Business kilometers are of course reimbursed.

  • Share in the results

  • Personal development

  • Allowance for a home office

  • 26 vacation days with additional options

  • A MacBook and iPhone

  • VanMoof from the company

04. B the true you


the true


Are you our ideal Chief?


You are proactive, highly entrepreneurial, energetic and know how to connect people.

You realize that creating a better world is neither a job nor a project. It’s not something that’s done Monday to Friday and between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m… It’s a philosophy and lifestyle.

You also stand firmly in your shoes, dare to chart a course and make desired and desirable decisions. Building lasting relationships comes easily to you, with people at all levels.

1 + 1 = 11

Your interpersonal skills are excellent and you listen and inspire empathically. You manage by results and always strive for a win-win for all parties.

With us, 1 + 1 = 11 applies. That’s the deal.


You like to steer for results and you set high standards for yourself as an example and thus for others. You dare to hold people accountable for agreements and results, but always in a human way. If you can do better, you must do better. Because it is nice to be the best for the world.

Furthermore, it would be great if you have:


  • Unbridled commitment, strong drive and keen interest in people and their motivations, as well as the personal ambition to take Speakers for Good to the next level;
  • Demonstrable and multi-year experience as an entrepreneurial primus inter pares, with specific affinity for Speakers for Good’s services and market;
  • Demonstrated background and multi-year experience in a senior marketing role, preferably gained at an agency or other business service provider and more as a “do-er” than a strategist;
  • Excellent command of the Dutch and English languages, verbally and in writing;
  • In addition to an impressive marketing track record, concrete experience selling services makes you the ‘ideal chief with five legs’ for us.
05. Connect your future with us

Connect your future
with us

Together on an expedition


We are curious about who you are and where you differ from others. Because we believe our differences contribute to maximum impact.

Just contact us. Instead of making demands of others, we prefer to make exceptions for ourselves.

06. The procedure

The application procedure

We like to connect with inspiring and entrepreneurial leaders. Enthusiastic and energetic people, with passion for people and their work. With the ambition to continuously develop the organization, the team and themselves.

During the procedure, we reflect on our similarities and differences. With this, we develop a mutual sense of whether we can create the future we both desire together.

Throughout the procedure we will work closely with our recruiter Rutger van Drongelen of Jopportunity. Rutger will also take care of the first steps in the process.

The preparation

If the position and challenge of Chief Impact Officer appeals to you, please apply online right now. Send your resume and cover letter below.

Response within one working day

You will always receive a confirmation of receipt within one working day, indicating when you can expect feedback.

Resume and cover letter

Together with Rutger van Drongelen, we take a close look at your resume and cover letter and reflect on whether your work experience and, in particular, your motivations fit seamlessly with our intent, desires and practice.

The assessment

An online assessment is part of the (follow-up) procedure. In principle, this consists of five parts, including a motivation and capacity test.

We will inform you within two working days after the test whether and how the procedure will be continued.

The interview

First interview with recruiter

The first interview will be held with Rutger Van Drongelen. In consultation we decide whether we do this online or somewhere on location.

We are curious who you are, what you have done and what your expectations are of a new job. We will then give you a little more insight into what we have to offer and what we are looking for. And, of course, what the responsibilities and duties are that come with the role of Chief Impact Officer.

Follow-up interview with the founder

Depending on the results and the number of suitable candidates, you will be invited for a follow-up interview with the founder of Speakers for Good. We will go deeper into the content, your motives and ambitions. What is your specific talent and which skills do you master?

What are your ideas and dreams about the future and which wishes do you have regarding the job and the terms of employment?

The proposal

Once the process is satisfactory to both parties, an attractive proposal follows, which you will receive digitally.

This is usually valid for 5 to 10 working days.

We aim to complete the process before Christmas.

Privacy and handling of data

By submitting your resume and cover letter, you implicitly give Speakers for Good permission to keep your data for up to 1 year after the application process.

A request for deletion of personal data is always possible.

  • The preparation

  • Resume and cover letter

  • The assessment

  • The interview

  • The proposal

  • Privacy and handling of data

07. Application Chief Impact Officer

Yes, I want to join the expedition!

Apply now for the position of Chief Impact Officer

Use the form to the right or directly contact:

Rutger van Drongelen
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Mobiel: +31 (0) 653 75 75 75

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Apply now for the position of Chief Impact Officer

Use the form to the right or directly contact:

Rutger van Drongelen
[email protected]
Mobiel: +31 (0) 653 75 75 75

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