Inevitable transitions10

Embrace the chaos and re-establish balance

The world is restless and it seems as if we are stumbling from crisis to crisis. We are living in a changing era where everything that was taken for granted is becoming questionable. The systemic crisis is deeply impacting our vital systems, no longer meeting the demands we impose on them. The solution is hidden in the chaos; giving us new balance, in order to proceed in a different way.

Best speakers and chairmen in the world

Speakers for Good works with the best speakers and moderators for the world. Experienced professionals from the field, who speak with passion and impact about the transition of our vital systems and institutions. There is something new on the horizon giving hope, making way from the old to the new.

Speakers for Good’s best speakers and moderators speak with conviction and passion about the trends, future and transition of:

  1. Work and meaning
  2. Capital and finance
  3. Energy and mobility
  4. Agriculture and food
  5. Democracy and society
  6. Environment and nature
  7. Healthcare and well-being
  8. Technology and innovation
  9. Education and lifelong learning
  10. Inspirational and moral leadership
  11. Regenerative economy and raw materials
  12. Innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship

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