Inevitable transitions8

Letting go of the old and familiar. With trial and error. For the new, unknown.


For which systems and sectors is a transition inevitable and irreversible?

Vital ideas and solutions for the world of tomorrow

If we want to keep the world somewhat livable and humane for ourselves and future generations, several system and sector transitions are inevitable.

For which systems and sectors is the upheaval inescapable and irreversible, and why is this transformation not only necessary but also incredibly fun to go through?


Best speakers and moderators for the world

With vital ideas and solutions for the successful transition of the following systems and sectors:

  1. democracy and society
  2. economy and raw materials
  3. energy and mobility
  4. capital and finance
  5. agriculture and food
  6. environment and nature
  7. education, care and wellbeing
  8. technology and ethics

It will not be smooth sailing and we will probably bump from crisis to crisis. But we will make progress, until we reach a point where we can accelerate. Then the transition will be irreversible.


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