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Aniek Moonen - Purpose
01. About Aniek

“I saw the effects of climate change with my own eyes and realized that this is just the beginning if we don’t act now.”

Aniek Moonen seeks generational and climate justice

Aniek Moonen was 19 years old when she first became aware of the topic of sustainability and the consequences of climate change. At the kitchen table with her parents it was never a topic of discussion, nor was it part of the educational program at school. Rather remarkable, looking back – as it is the problem of the young generation.

She realizes how big the climate problem is when she takes mandatory courses in Earth, Energy and Sustainability at the university. In Santa Barbara, where she will later study, she sees the impact of climate change with her own eyes. Extreme drought in California has resulted in devastating forest fires. The realization that this is only the beginning of the effects of climate change makes her decide to change course and make the world realize how destructive we are.  

She starts working for the board of the Young Climate Movement, where she is now full-time president and the loud voice of the young generation in the climate debate. Their goal – also her personal mission – is achieving generational and climate justice. She has interesting conversations with influential people of business and politics about this matter.

Aniek Moonen is currently following the Master study Global Business & Sustainability at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She does not rule out that her ambition will eventually lead her towards politics. 

In the meantime, Aniek also worked at the Dutch Sustainable Energy Association (NVDE) as a communications specialist, where she was specifically involved in making the energy transition understandable. Additionally, at ASN Bank she was involved in sustainable entrepreneurship and the organization of a sustainable business award.

In Aniek Moonen’s lectures, she advocates systemic change as well – don’t try to explain what doesn’t make sense and limit things that are harmful to humans, animals and the environment. Not only climate change, but also themes such as social equality and diversity are on her agenda. 

Aniek Moonen’s lectures are sharp, they confront and activate, because as she herself says:

I do not believe in hope, but in courage and commitment. Hope is a passive attitude, leaning back and believing that things will work themselves out doesn’t change anything.

Aniek Moonen seeks generational and climate justice Aniek Moonen was 19 years old when she first became aware of the topic of sustainability and the consequences of climate change. At the kitchen table with her parents it was never a topic of discussion, nor was it part of the educational program at school. Rather remarkable, looking back – as it is the problem of the young View more…

02. Purpose

Aniek Moonen wants to encourage people to explore what they can do within their own possibilities.

Aniek Moonen - Purpose

"The term activist has an unjustified negative ring to it, in my opinion."

Aniek Moonen

What impact do decisions have in the long term for the seventh generation to follow?

According to Aniek Moonen, a philosophy that can generate systemic change within governments and companies is ‘seventh-generation thinking’. With to this way of thinking, you constantly ask yourself: How will a decision I make in the present affect the seventh generation after me?

In the generation test – which, thanks to lobbying by the Young Climate Movement, has made it into the coalition agreement – this question must be answered on every topic. It means that new laws and budgets must be tested for their impact on young and future generations. 

“It’s really crooked that young people have to shout to be heard, to save our own futures. Unfortunately we have no choice. We would have preferred that previous generations had done more about it.”

As far as Aniek is concerned, the generation test is also perfectly applicable for companies, when determining their long-term goals and plans. With her lectures, she wants to make her audience aware of the opportunities this philosophy offers, but also of the consequences if we continue to do what we are doing. 

She wants to get rid of the ‘finger pointing’ at big business and politics. 

“We all have an influence on maintaining a livable world for future generations. But later is also now – extreme heat waves in India, landslides caused by severe weather in Brazil and floods in South Africa. It’s time to act.”

Aniek Moonen confronts people during her lectures. Preferably her words hurt a little and she has achieved her goal if her audience lies awake at night because of her story. It means something has been set into motion. But Aniek Moonen is aware that fear can also paralyze. That’s why she does portray a hopeful future, but this can only become reality if we prioritize the sustainability transition from now on. 

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03. USPs

Why should you collaborate with Aniek Moonen for your upcoming event?

1. Broad audience

Aniek makes no distinction in who her message is intended for. Because this theme concerns everyone. Individuals, companies, organizations and government agencies. She wants to reach the ‘climate ignorers’ and activate the willing.

2. Vulnerable

She calls out for help. Her generation feels the need for change, but they can’t do it on their own. She portrays a confronting but realistic future, intending to wake up business professionals, politicians and other policy makers.

3. Recognizable

Aniek shares her personal story and experiences, but feels anything but superior. She tells us her honest story of being ignorant towards climate change herself, just a few years ago. Awareness is the first step towards creating a future-proof world. She grants her audience this awareness as well. 

4. Young speaker

According to Aniek, the advantage of her young age is that she is allowed to be unorthodox. She inspires other young people and shows older generations what added value they can bring to companies. 

“The younger generation is often perceived as inexperienced. True, but at the same time it enables us to think outside of the box, which allows us to do things radically differently.” 

5. Painful message

Confrontational stories and painful silences, it’s all part of Aniek’s lectures. She doesn’t sugarcoat her stories, to avoid the essence of her message getting lost.

  • 1. Broad audience

  • 2. Vulnerable

  • 3. Recognizable

  • 4. Young speaker

  • 5. Painful message

04. For Good Interview

Five questions for:
Aniek Moonen

Aniek Moonen - Interview

For Good: what does it mean to you?

“The opposite of what we are doing now! No, that’s not entirely true, but the fact is that we can and must act faster. This is only possible if we look at the impact of our current decisions on the future in the bigger picture. And not only what that means to ourselves, but also to others; people on the other side of the world, or your great-grandchildren.”

Walk the Talk: what is your added value?

“A lot of people think that the impact an individual can make is very small, but it can become huge when you speak out. Of course I reach a lot of people now – as a speaker and through the Young Climate Movement – but before that, I noticed that my family and friends suddenly also became interested in sustainability because I talked about it a lot.”

Who is your greatest example or inspiration?

“That’s all the indigenous climate activists who have been going all out for years to protect their natural habitat. Incredibly brave, because that is not without risk. For example, more than 220 climate- and environmental activists were still murdered in 2020. I feel strengthened by their courage to keep going.”

What do you love and what makes you typically Aniek?

“I love my family and friends of course, but also everything that has to do with food. I love to cook and travel a lot around the Netherlands (by train), visiting the nicest and most delicious restaurants. Of course in my private life sustainability is important as well. I do what I can within my own abilities to live as sustainably as possible. That relates to what I eat, how I travel and the things I buy. Practice what you preach!”

What can the audience expect from you?

“I don’t shy away from confrontation. And I think it’s also important that my lectures are a little bit of a show, fun to watch and listen to. That doesn’t mean I get dressed up in a glitter suit, but I do think it’s important to captivate my audience auditorily and visually.”

  • For Good: what does it mean to you?

  • Walk the Talk: what is your added value?

  • Who is your greatest example or inspiration?

  • What do you love and what makes you typically Aniek?

  • What can the audience expect from you?

05. Media
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  • Aniek Moonen - Media 4
06. Clients

A selection of companies that Aniek Moonen already had impactful collaborations with….

  • “On May 19, 2022, Aniek was our moderator during the spring edition of Finance on a Mission. With the theme of ESG, where we specifically looked at what role Finance can play in realizing the ESG agenda of the organization, Aniek proved to be a good match. She led the participants through the day and moderated several talk shows with executives. Aniek is well prepared, skilled, fresh, confrontational and connecting. An excellent combination for extra dynamics in the program!”

    – Jan Heinen, Founder

    Finance on a Mission
    Finance on a Mission
  • “We experienced Aniek as someone with a lot of spirit, passion and power. There are few speakers who can take a full audience along in their story in an intimate way. Aniek is able to clearly address the location of social pain points and present the necessary solutions for this. It is inspiring to see her work.”

    – Hussein Alkisaei, Founder

    Nederland Maakt Impact
    Nederland Maakt Impact

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